About Us

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Name: dr. Zoltán Diószegi

Year of Birth: 1966          

Profession: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)            

Current Place of Work: Department of Surgery and Ophthalmology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Szent István University Budapest, Hungary

Current Positions at Work: Senior Lecturer, Head of Orthopaedic and Trauma Unit

Clinical Activity: Small animal trauma, orthopeadics and neurosurgery, an average of 500 operations a year, involvement in 24-hour on-duty surgical service

Educational Activity: Small animal orthopaedics, traumatology and neurology for under-graduate students, post-graduate clinical courses and workshops.

Lectures in Foreign Countries: Abu Dhabi, Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Dubai, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Turkey

Professional Activity:

1995 Certificate of Small Animal Clinical Sciences

1998 Membership in the International Elbow Working Group

2001 to 2009 President of the Hungarian Small Animal Orthopaedic Association

2007 Author and co-writer of the book: Kisállat Ortopédia (Small Animal Orthopaedics)

2012 Membership in AOVET

Number of publications: 20

Number of congress presentations: 45

Number of research grants: 8 ( Helsinki, Hannover, Utrecht, Kansas )

Attended courses :    

1993 AO basic couse: Principles of Bone Surgery

1994 AO Advanced Osteosynthesis Course

Basic and advanced arthroscopy: Wien, Liverpool, Barcelona

Basic endoscopy ESAVS Giessen

2012 AO Advanced Osteosynthesis Course